Why Fisherman Flock To The Fishing Capital of Kentucky

Why Fisherman Flock To The Fishing Capital of Kentucky Main Photo

11 May 2023


Fishermen travel back to the Fishing Capital of Kentucky, specifically for Dale Hollow Lake, because of the large, healthy fish. People return to find record-sized fish thanks to conscientious fishermen and a healthy ecosystem. Over 60 years ago, the world record smallmouth bass was caught in Dale Hollow Lake, weighing just over 11 pounds. Since that record, fishermen have returned to Dale Hollow Lake every year to catch a smallmouth bass that breaks that long-held record. 

The Fishing Capital of Kentucky Is Home To More Than Just Smallmouth Bass.

While smallmouth bass is the main focus of many fishermen in Dale Hollow Lake, you can also find crappie, largemouth bass, spotted bass, bluegill, elusive muskie, and even some brown trout. Unfortunately, the lake cannot support a reproducing brown trout population. However, wildlife officials stock the lake with brown trout that grow to significant sizes. 

Plan a trip to Dale Hollow Lake in the Fishing Capital of Kentucky today.

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