Sheriff Keaton Williams

Prior to being elected, Sheriff Williams served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years as a Military Policeman. Outside of the armed services, Sheriff Williams continued his public service in emergency services, first as a certified 911 Dispatcher, then 8 years as an officer with the Burkesville Police Department, and most recently as the Assistant Chief.

“I am passionate about law-enforcement and ensuring our community and all those who are in it are kept safe. I value, honesty, transparency, unity, and service. It is an honor to serve the people of Cumberland County.”

Deputy and K9 Units

Deputy Lance Watson and K9 Roky

Deputy Steve Wheat

School Resource Officer

Deputy/SRO Robert Dyer

Deputy/SRO Brad Perdue

Deputy/SRO James Smith

Court Security

Deputy/CCSO Randy Abernathy

Deputy/CCSO Russell Decker

CCSO Stacy Staley

CCSO Stacy Norris

CCSO Rebecca Riness

CCSO Greg Cooksey


Sara Huckelby

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