Civil Process

Cost Summary for Service

  • Subpoenas –  $70.00
  • Civil Summons – $70.00
  • Executions – $70.00
  • All Other Civil Process – $70.00

Civil Process Guidelines

  • Must have a physical address - not a P.O. Box
  • Address must be in Cumberland County
  • Payment must be made before paper can be processed

If you have other questions, suggestions or requests, just call or come by the office

Conceal Carry

Steps to obtain a CCDW License

  1. Complete KSP CCDW Training
  2. Once you receive your Training Certificate you can apply for the license in the office or online at
  3. Application requires a photo of at least 3.5x4 size, with no hat or sunglasses
  4. Application fee is $60 ($40 to Kentucky State Treasurer and $20 to Cumberland County Sheriff Dept) payable by check or cash only
  5. Applications are mailed to KSP weekly, and KSP will conduct a background check and mail you a notification to the mailing address listed on your application  
  6. Once you have received your notification in the mail from KSP, contact CCSO to make sure your permit has arrived. If your permit has arrived, bring the notification in during normal business hours and sign for your permit. 

Visit Kentucky State Police CCDW Page for more information


Vehicle Inspections

Inspection Hours:

8:00 AM To 4:00 PM
Monday – Friday (Except For Legal Holidays)

For a vehicle inspection at the Sheriff’s Office, you need:

  • The vehicle must be present and roadworthy
  • No Breakage in windshield
  • Odometer showing mileage
  • All mirrors in place
  • Title (Certificate of title) or a certified copy of the title – Not Registration
  • VIN number on vehicle must match title
  • Valid driver’s license
  • The inspector may also check the vehicle for all safety features including, but not limited to: lights, wipers, horn, turn signals, glass for obstructions, brakes, and more.
  • $5.00 fee – cash or check only

Non Injury Accidents

Non-Injury Accident Report Form

KRS 189.635(4) Provides that:

Any person operating a vehicle on the highways of the state who is involved in an accident resulting in any property damage exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) in which an investigation is not conducted by a law enforcement officer shall file a written report of the accident with the Department of Kentucky State Police within ten (10) days of occurrence of the accident upon forms provided by the department.

Do not complete this report if the traffic collision was investigated by a police officer.

Non-Injury Accident Report Form

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