Burkesville & Cumberland County, KY’s Infrastructure Can Support Your Business

4 Aug 2022


Burkesville-Cumberland County, KY, is proud of the infrastructure it has to offer businesses! Utility costs are low, coming in 20% lower than the national average. Kentucky has the lowest cost of electricity in the industrial sector on the east coast. Low utility and electricity costs makes Burkesville-Cumberland County an ideal choice for businesses that benefit their bottom line. 

Plus, our infrastructure can support manufacturing growth and growth in the forestry industry. We want manufacturing here!

Great Infrastructure Advantages in Burkesville-Cumberland County, KY

Burkesville-Cumberland County has a competitive advantage when it comes to energy, natural gas, and water. Kentucky’s the fifth largest producer of coal and produces natural gas and crude oil. Burkesville, KY, also has high-speed internet access for businesses and remote workers in the area. Click here to learn more about the infrastructure that Burkesville-Cumberland County has to offer!

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