Cumberland County Has the Workforce Your Business Needs!

21 Jul 2022


Cumberland County, KY, is a thriving county with a very talented and diverse workforce to choose from. If workforce recruitment is your #1 challenge - we have the solution. In fact, much of our workforce commutes out for jobs. That means that if you bring your business here, you’ll have a pool of residents looking for jobs in their own backyard. 

Site selectors and businesses who are curious about our workforce are urged to view our workforce data profile. This free online profile was created to provide in-depth information on our talented workforce for those who would be interested in this information.

Learn More About Burkesville-Cumberland County’s Workforce!

This workforce data profile includes statistics on the Burkesville-Cumberland County workforce by education & gender and education & earnings. Other information includes areas of employment, employment average by age, and commuting. Click here if you are interested in learning more about Burkesville-Cumberland County’s workforce to view Cumberland County’s workforce data profile.

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