Lower Your Taxes By Investing In Cumberland County’s Opportunity Zone!

30 Jun 2022


Cumberland County, KY, has an Opportunity Zone. Designated by the federal government, Opportunity Zones are specific census areas that, when invested in, make it possible to reduce taxes. Businesses and investors have the advantage of being able to invest in an incredible community with significant growth potential, while also experiencing significant tax advantages. 

Our Opportunity Zone is designed to help businesses and the county itself with economic growth and prosperity! Cumberland County’s zone is located in Burkesville and is open and available to businesses looking for an ideal location. Downtown Burkesville provides a prime location advantage for businesses that need to draw in a lot of foot traffic. The new industrial park in Burkesville is in a prime location with tons of potential for growth!

Locating in Cumberland County’s Opportunity Zone Has Tax Advantages!

Opportunity Zones were created by the U.S. Government in 2017 as an extra incentive for businesses to help improve the economic health of these areas while simultaneously providing extra incentives to these businesses which help them succeed. Businesses who choose to locate in Cumberland County’s opportunity zone benefit from extra tax incentives including deferment of capital gains tax until 2026. Click here to learn more about Cumberland County’s Opportunity Zones and how they can benefit your business!

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