Cumberland County Has An Industrial Development Authority!

2 Jun 2022


Meet the Burkesville-Cumberland County IDA (Industrial Development Authority)! Located in southern Kentucky, the Burkesville-Cumberland Industrial Development Authority (IDA) offers assistance to business owners and entrepreneurs that want to do business in Cumberland county! We can help your business to succeed. Let's grow together! 

The Burkesville - Cumberland County IDA is Here to Help!

The Burkesville - Cumberland County IDA (Industrial Development Authority) offers assistance in many forms to owners looking to start, expand, or improve their businesses in the area. This assistance includes coordinating incentives, finding compatible sites and properties, expedite permits, hiring employees, and making connections within the community. The Burkesville - Cumberland County  IDA is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in every way possible. 

Click here to learn more and how it can help your business succeed today!

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