Breathtaking views are yours to experience on the Dale Hollow Lake!

23 Aug 2023


Discover a world of natural beauty and endless adventures at Dale Hollow Lake in Burkesville, Cumberland County! Immerse yourself in the serenity of the 28,000-acre lake, surrounded by lush forests and breathtaking views. Whether you prefer boating, kayaking, or simply basking in the sun, this scenic wonderland will leave you in awe. Plan your visit, and let the water wash away your worries! #NatureLovers #DaleHollowLake #CumberlandCounty    

Cumberland County: Endless Fun and Adventure 

The expansive Dale Hollow Lake in Burkesville is a great place for endless fun and adventure. There is a little something for everyone here. So, kayakers, boaters….the waters are yours! Experience a world of on-lake adventures at Dale Hollow Lake! Whether you prefer a leisurely cruise on a houseboat or pontoon or crave the thrill of speed boats and watersports, this lake has it all. Find out more about your next great boating adventure here.   

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