View News & Information on Cumberland County Here

28 Jul 2022


Looking for news on what’s happening in Burkesville or Cumberland County? The Burkesville-Cumberland County IDA (Industrial Development Authority) website is an online resource for important community and business news! The Burkesville-Cumberland County IDA has a mission to help the community by providing information that helps businesses and the population of the community succeed, grow, and connect. It is the IDA’s hope that our website’s online news section will help fulfill this mission. 

Cumberland County’s IDA Website is Your Online Resource for Community and County Business News!

Cumberland County’s IDA website has recently been launched as a way to help everyone in the community, including our amazing businesses, stay updated on everything happening in Burkesville-Cumberland County, KY. Our news section will be updated often so we urge you to check back frequently! Click here to visit our website and learn more about what is happening in Cumberland County today!

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