Starting a Business in Cumberland County? Access Online Resources & Incentive Programs

7 Jul 2022


The Burkesville-Cumberland County IDA (Industrial Development Authority)  has  provided an online resources and information on incentive programs that are available to businesses in the community. The IDA’s economic development website now offers this information in one easy to find place, on our website! Burkesville-Cumberland County businesses have access to these incentive programs which are designed to help the local economy thrive!

Starting a Business? Cumberland County Has Incentive Programs to Help!

CNBC recently asserted that Kentucky is #1 in the nation for favorable cost of doing business. These incentive programs that the state offers businesses really helps to keep that number one position. On the IDA website these programs are listed along with information on how to take advantage of these incentives. Information on grants, loans, tax incentives, investment options, and more can be found on the IDA’s website. Click here to learn more about incentive programs for businesses in Cumberland County today!

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