Utility Costs are Low and Internet Speeds are High

Kentucky has long enjoyed a competitive advantage in the provision of energy, natural gas, and water. The state’s direct location on the interstate natural gas pipeline corridor and an abundant natural water supply from an extensive network of rivers, streams, and lakes keep Kentucky’s utility costs among the lowest in the nation. Utility providers, with oversight by the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC), ensure competitive rates.

Kentucky has the lowest cost of electricity in the industrial sector among states east of the Mississippi River, and one of the lowest in the United States. Kentucky comes in nearly 20% lower than the national average. The exceptionally low cost of utilities greatly benefits bottom lines.

Kentucky is the nation’s fifth-largest producer of coal, with large reserves near coal-burning utility plants. The Commonwealth also produces natural gas, a limited amount of crude oil, and is home to two ethanol facilities, four biodiesel production facilities, and two petroleum refineries, which produce 245,000 barrels per day.

For businesses and remote workers alike, connectivity is vital. Burkesville has high-speed internet access downtown with an immediate plan for service expansion to the entire area. Service providers include A & C Communication Corp. and DUO Broadband.

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