Enjoy the All Types of Fishing on the Cumberland River, Kentucky

9 Apr 2024

Coldwater fishing in the Cumberland River, Kentucky, is possible during hot summer. The Wolf Creek Dam changed the water temperatures of the lower Cumberland River because the waters that come into the river are pulled from deep under the surface of Lake Cumberland. Trout thrive in this cold tailwater, a boon for fishermen. Trophy brown trout swim in the Cumberland River, as do bountiful numbers of rainbow trout. Fishermen can catch walleye, sauger, and oversized striped bass in excess of 50 lbs. Because of the cold temperatures and strong currents, fishing guides are an excellent resource for a safe and successful fishing trip.

The Mighty Cumberland River, Kentucky, Has All Sorts of Water Recreation Activities Available

River life means fishing. While you could spend an entire vacation in Burkesville, it is also a perfect “base camp” to branch out from to explore all the surrounding area offers, like caves, and waterfalls. Explore what the Cumberland River has to offer.

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