County Judge/Executive Luke King: CCHS Civics Club Approved and Coming Soon!

County Judge/Executive Luke King: CCHS Civics Club Approved and Coming Soon! Main Photo

5 Jan 2024




January 4, 2024


For Immediate Release


On January 3, the CCHS Site-Based Decision Making Council approved the Cumberland Co. Fiscal Court’s request for the official formation of a high 

school civics club. The new organization will focus on giving the county’s youth a seat at the table. The court will meet with students to get their direct input on the issues facing the county today and explore what the students want to see decades from now in their community. The new partnership between the fiscal court and the Civics Club replaces the former practice of “making decisions for our youth” with

 the new practice of “making decisions WITH our youth.”


“The fiscal court and management team have accomplished a lot in the last 12 months, but I genuinely believe investing in these students and allowing them to help shape the future will be one of the most effective and meaningful actions of our administration over the long term,” said Judge-Executive King.   


The Cumberland County Fiscal Court will meet each club day with students of the organization to talk about issues facing the community and share information about local, state, and federal government. The students will have opportunities to interact with people at various levels of public service and the organization will serve as a funnel for the county’s newly established internship program.  


Anyone interested in participating in the CCHS Civics Club can follow the court’s social media accounts for updates, email to be added to our news list, or call 270-864-3444 with questions. The court appreciates the site-based members and the CCHS administration for being supportive of this endeavor.    




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