Kentucky Uniquely Positioned to Prosper Post-Pandemic

6 Dec 2021


Unlike any other, the economic land mine prompted by the pandemic created wreckage and reverberation for businesses across the global economy. But few other states are as prepared to rise and rebound as Kentucky. With deep resources in advanced manufacturing and fully formed supply chains, unparalleled air-cargo assets, a dominant Amazon presence as part of its outsized logistics and distribution industry, a key geographic advantage, and supportive economic development programs, the Bluegrass State is ready to surge ahead.

In fact, manufacturing, service, and tech industry growth has remained strong in Kentucky across the past six months. Since Gov. Andy Beshear took office in early December, the state recorded 126 proposed new or expansion projects across that range of industries totaling more than $1.1 billion in planned investment. Those projects promise to create nearly 3,900 full-time jobs in the coming years, providing hope and opportunity for Kentuckians in every corner of the state.

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