Food & Beverage Growth Positions Kentucky for Future Success

3 Dec 2021


Picturing Kentucky's food and beverage industry likely evokes images of bourbon and Kentucky Fried Chicken. But that's only part of the story. A look at the complete picture reveals an industry investing billions of dollars in the state in recent years. And it's an industry with a flourishing agritech sector and a growing number of companies at every stage of the food production process working to make a better Kentucky.

Currently, the commonwealth's food and beverage sector includes more than 350 manufacturing, service and technology facilities of all sizes and specialties that employ over 52,000 people. Since 2014, the industry saw more than 300 new location or expansion projects announced, expected to generate over $5 billion in investment and nearly 8,300 full-time jobs in the years ahead. Those investments, jobs and wages are building a stronger Kentucky and helping to feed the world.

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