The Cumberland County News 

The first newspaper we know of in Burkesville, Kentucky, (all this information coming from Judge Wells’ book, The History of Cumberland County) was the Cumberland Courier in 1870. In 1878, it assumed the name of Burkesville Courier. From 1880 to 1884 the name was Burkesville Bulletin. In 1885 it became the The Herald. In 1908 it was published as the Cumberland News, and in 1912 the Burkesville Banner. In 1915 it was called Cary’s Weekly, until 1920 when it once again was named Cumberland News. In 1931 the name was changed to the Cumberland County News which it still bears to date.At present our staff consists of


Patsy Judd, Owner/Publisher
Cyndi Pritchett, Editor
Sarah Stockton, Advertising Manager
Paula Gunderman, Typesetter
Bill Guffey, Graphic Artist
Jo Murley, Columnist

We are a weekly newspaper, published each Wednesday.


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Cyndi Pritchett

Advertising Manager:
Sarah Stockton