Motorcycle Trails

Motorcycle Trails at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park

These are motorcycle trails that begin at the State Park and travel through Cumberland County and its surrounding counties.

  • The Dale Hollow Lake Ride‚Äč is an eighty mile long trail with country roads, spectacular scenery, and the Fish Hatchery.
  • The Free Ferry Ride is a fifty-three mile long trail with beautiful country roads and a free ferry ride.
  • The Rock House Bottom Ride is an eighty-four mile long trail with stops at the home of world famous Harley legend Johnny Newby, a foot trail to one of the world's greatest wonders, and Wolf Creek Dam and National Fish Hatchery.
  • The Smooth Highway Ride is a ninety-seven mile long trail with smooth roads and beautiful country side plus an Amish store along the way.
  • The Willis Creek and 1808 trail is fifty-three miles long and includes country roads and scenic overlooks.
  • The Cold Springs Hill and Judio trail is fifty-nine miles long and includes country roads and breath-taking views.
Click here to view a PDF from the State Park with information and maps about these trails.